The love of God for humankind and the love of humankind for God. With the experience of agape love, it is possible to feel selfless love for other people.
The best example of agape love is the unconditional gift unrequested. It is the strong desire to help someone in need and remain anonymous if possible.
by Johnny Mustardseed September 7, 2005
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Unconditional love. The love that God has for EVERYONE!! The love that put Jesus up on the cross to die for all of your sins. The love that will never die. The love that is meant to be spread. The love God hopes you have for everyone as well, not just for him.
Yes, Jesus, you know that I agape you...
by Rachel December 8, 2004
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An extremely sexy person with great intelligence.

Pulls like mad and people are very lucky to have him by your side

Also the prettiest in the friend group
You're not as good looking as 'Agape'
by agap November 24, 2021
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(adj.) The state of someone's butthole after prepping for anal sex, usually by means of a buttplug or cucumber. Achieving this state makes insertion easier and less painful, especially when paired with generous application of lube. The state becomes most easily visible when a person is in the "doggy-style presenting" position.
With butthole fully agape, I was ready for Steve to penetrate me.
by GapingUser October 27, 2015
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The state of someone's mouth when they have gone brain dead but are still breathing.
Me what the hell are you thinking about dude?
You oh... was trying to remember if I put my cock ring on this morning or not.
Me ok, just checking since your mouth was agape like terri schiavo... I was about to pull the plug!
by people are tards July 22, 2010
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Agape is a pretty and a sexy girl . She is beautiful in her own way,she is funny and she has booty she is a great bestie.
Agape u are the best friend I ever had .
Bestfriend:no u are the bests friend ever
by Harlei January 5, 2019
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Comes from the greek word agape(pronounced agapee).It means love.Also,very rarely,it's used as a name
--Agape,your hair is fantastic!Did you get it cut?
by Stefanny November 18, 2006
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