To regard African civilizations and culture as significant.
Afrocentrism is revealing the untold history of Black people.
by Mauby February 12, 2014
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A pejorative that white supremacists and other anti-black racist punks throw at anyone who reminds them that "Jungle Jitters" is not an accurate generalization of pre-colonial Africa. Often associated with the obsolete and erroneous belief that any ancient structure in Africa bigger than a grass hovel must have been built by incoming "Mediterranean Caucasoids" since the native "Negroids" are so incapable (as if the average anti-black racist were any better).
If you credit the indigenous dark-skinned peoples of Africa with civilizations like ancient Egypt, Nubia, Ethiopia, Mali, Great Zimbabwe, and so on, you're a black supremacist proponent of Afrocentrism.
by BsPilcher February 2, 2015
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A movement that may of started with good intentions but has quickly devolved into absolute delusions. This movement is famous for claiming Egyptian heritage/history as their own. But more recently has branched out to take the word ie claiming the chinese, aztecs,etc... were african. In particular west african. This does not mean west africans do not come from a rich a background of culture, history, language etc.... however rather than embracing their own past this movement, and those who support/are apart of it, seek to steal the cultures of different nations. Along the way the shame, lie, and twist everything to fit their narrative. In the case of Egypt and the Egyptians they ignore the fact it was the Egyptian coptic church and their language that is the very reason Hylogrphics were translated in the first place. In fact they are equal to those that claim Egyptians were completely white. Egyptians were mixed and yes Nubians share in this history but this movement is made up of west africans so even then they aren't included in this. But then again to this movement none of this matters because Egyptians are the wrong shade of brown.
Afrocentrism is only good at one thing and that's stealing other cultures because they are too lazy to embrace their own rich history
by Guardian of the Duat August 24, 2020
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A cult that was invented in the 1960s by misinformed (deluded) African Americans who worship ancient Egypt as the pinnacle of African civilization, forgetting that EGYPT IS THE ONLY PART OF AFRICA THAT IS GEOGRAPHICALLY CONNECTED TO EURASIA, which means that for thousands of years before Egypt or even Mesopotamia, black intermingled with white and yellow, and the Caucasian folks who built Mesopotamia gave their ideas to the MIXED-RACE natives of North Africa who eventually built Egypt.

Note: The ancient Egyptians even enslaved some of their darker-skinned brethren from south of the Sahara, whom they called Nubians.
The reason why Afrocentrism should be classified as a cult is because of the way that African Americans distorted their limited and biased interpretation of Muslim-influenced Northwest African cultures.
by sarcastic April 15, 2004
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Afrocentrism is a set of beliefs that depicts ancient African achievement as the driver and foundation for modern philosophical thoughts and technologies. Afrocentrism verges on being classified as a religious faith because of the required suspension of skepticism and the irrelevance of empirical evidence. Afrocentrism is a backlash against the pervasive and powerful negative images of black (African) people that exist in the world today. These images arise from the countries, regions and cities that are dominated by blacks, each one being mired in poverty, violence, AIDS, famine and in constant need of support from other countries or other races. Without words, these images stir up powerful needs among blacks to imagine a glorious past where they were once the center of the world and looked down upon everyone else. To conduct Afrocentric research, one simply searches for evidence that could be interpreted as blacks ruling over others or inventing things. No further thought process is required.
Napoleon shot of the Spinx's nose because it "looked" like a black nose and he didn't want the world to know that blacks ruled ancient Egypt. Or, images within an Egyptian tomb that appear similar to a glider are evidence that blacks "invented" flight because, of course, the Egyptians were black then even though they are not now. And where is the physical evidence of these devices and their implementation? Again, no further thought process is required.
by FigurinOutLife March 24, 2004
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The mistaken belief among many Americans of African descent that culture as we know it arose in Sub-Saharan Africa. Those taken in by such foolishness believe that they are the heirs of the Egyptian race, forgetting, of course, that this distinction actually belongs to today's Egyptians, and ignoring the fact that there is absolutely no evidence for such a preposterous claim. This cult-like mentality is often spouted by the likes of Louis Farrakhan, the NAACP, the Nation of Islam and others who have never been to Africa and who would never be caught dead there.
Afrocenrism is silly, boy.
by Werewolf April 18, 2004
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Afrocentrism is simply bullshit. Not only do they claim that the Egyptians were black (which they weren't) they also try to provide "proof" that the Olmecs, Mayans and other Mesoamericans were black which is such an insult to all the of the indigenous peoples of the Americas. So what if most of Africa didn't have huge monuments, empires, or ideas like Ancient Rome, Greece, China, etc? many other countries don't have the same and they dont go bitching about it.
If all of the Mesoamerican peoples were black, then the unique astrology/calender they developed would have already been discovered in Africa and other places of the world(proof Afrocentrism is pseudoscience) . But that's not the case and it is unique ONLY to the Americas, so stop trying to steal stuff that's not yours. You're obviously asking for more racism against you. T
by lillixene December 28, 2007
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