Studies centered on African or African derived cultures and they're contributions to modern society. Seriously that's it, the rest of you are either, a. pretty ignorant. b. racist, c. euro-centrists, or d. desperately in need of a college level history course.
The professor introduced his Afrocentric theory that states that certain words used in today's vernacular such as okay, shout, banjo, gumbo, and guy are Africanisms, or African cultural survivals in modern society.
by frankiszero March 23, 2011
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To regard African civilizations and culture as significant.
Afrocentrism is revealing the untold history of Black people.
by Mauby February 12, 2014
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A movement spearheaded by African-American scholars to prove that, despite what most people would like to believe, ancient Africa had her own civilizations, languages, cultures, and history long before the arrival of the first Europeans to the continent.

Afrocentrism is not Black Supremacism. There are Black Supremacists who hold Afrocentric views, but they also hold views that claim to elevate blacks above whites. That is not the aim of Afrocentrism.
I believe in what Afrocentrism is teaching. It's about time that black people knew their history.
by Onyx2009 August 7, 2007
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A pejorative that white supremacists and other anti-black racist punks throw at anyone who reminds them that "Jungle Jitters" is not an accurate generalization of pre-colonial Africa. Often associated with the obsolete and erroneous belief that any ancient structure in Africa bigger than a grass hovel must have been built by incoming "Mediterranean Caucasoids" since the native "Negroids" are so incapable (as if the average anti-black racist were any better).
If you credit the indigenous dark-skinned peoples of Africa with civilizations like ancient Egypt, Nubia, Ethiopia, Mali, Great Zimbabwe, and so on, you're a black supremacist proponent of Afrocentrism.
by BsPilcher February 2, 2015
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A movement that may of started with good intentions but has quickly devolved into absolute delusions. This movement is famous for claiming Egyptian heritage/history as their own. But more recently has branched out to take the word ie claiming the chinese, aztecs,etc... were african. In particular west african. This does not mean west africans do not come from a rich a background of culture, history, language etc.... however rather than embracing their own past this movement, and those who support/are apart of it, seek to steal the cultures of different nations. Along the way the shame, lie, and twist everything to fit their narrative. In the case of Egypt and the Egyptians they ignore the fact it was the Egyptian coptic church and their language that is the very reason Hylogrphics were translated in the first place. In fact they are equal to those that claim Egyptians were completely white. Egyptians were mixed and yes Nubians share in this history but this movement is made up of west africans so even then they aren't included in this. But then again to this movement none of this matters because Egyptians are the wrong shade of brown.
Afrocentrism is only good at one thing and that's stealing other cultures because they are too lazy to embrace their own rich history
by Guardian of the Duat August 24, 2020
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the concept that white Europeans would be living in caves, grunting to communicate and eating raw meat unless black Africans taught them a better way. The Greeks, Persians, Babylonians had no culture until they learned it from Africans. Many historical characters Europeans think were white were really black. Until invaded by Europeans or Arabs, all Africans were black, including the Egyptians and Carthaginians.
The Afrocentric culture taught the Europeans everything.
by mungo January 4, 2004
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An awkward, pseudo-PC way to say "black"
Officer, three big men dressed in baggy black clothes took my purse!

Were they...afrocentric?
by TheGoyWonder March 11, 2013
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