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Similar to the word nigger - a racially defining term that is inherently racist. However, unlike the term nigger, cracker is not remotely taboo to use against Caucasians by Americans of African descent as nigger is when used by Caucasians to identify Americans of African descent. See double standard, reverse racism.
Bill Gates is one rich cracker!
by Werewolf April 18, 2004

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A girls brazierre
When tagging a girl from behind, you use her bra strap as something to hold onto, making the motions and sounds of riding a horse.
by werewolf March 26, 2003

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White nigger. Pathetic Caucasian who possesses a self-loathing need to adhere to inner-city negro culture. See Eminem.
Dat Eminem cracka is some sorta wigger!
by Werewolf October 06, 2004

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The mistaken belief among many Americans of African descent that culture as we know it arose in Sub-Saharan Africa. Those taken in by such foolishness believe that they are the heirs of the Egyptian race, forgetting, of course, that this distinction actually belongs to today's Egyptians, and ignoring the fact that there is absolutely no evidence for such a preposterous claim. This cult-like mentality is often spouted by the likes of Louis Farrakhan, the NAACP, the Nation of Islam and others who have never been to Africa and who would never be caught dead there.
Afrocenrism is silly, boy.
by Werewolf April 18, 2004

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