A person that is an annoying little hypocritical bitch
Damn, she’s a real fucking Addie
by SoftRock January 28, 2020
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Is used to describe derogatory behaviour or actions. This term originates from a horrible League of Legends player.
Karen: Can I see the manager!!!!!!

Person 1: Stop being such an Addie.
Person 2: You're such an Addie.
by chingchagwalla May 24, 2021
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The ship name of Adam and Maddie who are 2 kids from St.Raymond catholic elementary school who look so cute together and we all know it although they wont admit that they like each other but we all know that i'ts true.
Aww... Addie would be the perfect ship name for the two of them.
by ZGamer October 27, 2018
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a very strong opinionated girl, she will not stop until she has made her point. she is a very sweet girl. she can say the wrong things sometimes but never truthfully means it. she is mature and a full on feminist. she always goes for the wrong boys (gay ones) she is very talented in the instrument department. she is the best person to be friends with she is sweet, loving and an amazing person over all. addie is very courageous and doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her. she has a unique style and always expresses it in all ways possible. addie is a leader not a follower make sure to not get in her way or she can be straight up mean (always be on her good side).
girl: i need more guy friends

addie: why do you need guys friends when you have girl friends
by idek 123 :)))) June 29, 2019
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Addie is a beautiful,kind,and sexy.She is a very sexy girl.She will always express her feelings with you.She is very trust worthy person

guy1:can you be my friend
Addie of cousrse
by hi it’s your boy Miles November 22, 2019
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