Addi is an amazing girl. She is stunning and funny. She has a great personality. She is loved by almost anyone who knows her. She is crazy in the best ways. Her smile lights up the room. Any guy would be so lucky to have her. She is so kind and popular but not in a mean way. She is the best person ever.
Who is that amazing girl over there?
Oh that’s Addi.
Dang i need some Addi.
by ChInA 🇨🇳 🥳 December 10, 2018
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Addi are usually really fun and exciting to be around! Addi’s are just gorgeous with beautiful hair. Any guy would be lucky to have a Addi. Addi’s usaully are very athletic and determined! But Addi’s always seem to get into the middle of her friends drama. But overall Addi’s are so kind and beautiful!!
Person 1- wow do you see Addi over there, she’s beautiful?
Person 2- omg she’s so pretty, I love her hair!!!
by Boom🌈🌈🌈 July 3, 2018
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The best person you can ever hope to meet she never will put herself before anyone she got the best personality in the whole world in fact she is what this world should be and if I could spend my whole life with one person it would an Addi.
And the winner of Personality contest is… Addi Duncan
by Addi is hot 4 ever June 30, 2019
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Addi is an amazing person. She is loving and a smoking hot person! She's not that nice to some people though. Addi doesn't realize that there is a friend of hers who really likes her and wants to be really close but Addi doesn't realize that. Addi should open up more to her friends and spend more time with them.
Hey why you so happy?

I was just with Addi
by What's up April 14, 2017
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The sweetest person ever known. She’s athletic and the best friend you could ever have. Most would fall in love with her and her golden personality. She’s gorgeous and has went through a lot.
Person 1: Who is that goddess running?
Person 2:Dude that’s Addi.
by SuckDuckyToes October 28, 2019
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Addi is a type of person to be shy at first but is so amazing when you get to know her. She is so beautiful and she would be an amazing girlfriend to any person. She can be a badass at times. She is also really smart
Person 1 “ that girl addi is really smart”.

Person 2 “ she is also really pretty”.

Person 1 and 2 “ I wish I was her!”
by Girl0973.bro June 7, 2020
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