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The best girl that anyone can ask for. The girl that any guy should ask for. A girl that is so beautiful, that you can't look away. A girl that anyone should want. A girl who brings a smile to your face no matter what. A girl that is fun to talk to. A girl that never fails to make you happy.
Who is that amazing girl? Addi
by Cartieeee May 25, 2017
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Addi is an amazing person. She is loving and a smoking hot person! She's not that nice to some people though. Addi doesn't realize that there is a friend of hers who really likes her and wants to be really close but Addi doesn't realize that. Addi should open up more to her friends and spend more time with them.
Hey why you so happy?

I was just with Addi
by What's up April 14, 2017
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Addis means New in the Ethiopian language Amharic. It is a common name for both males and females.

Addis the girl is fun, crazy, spontaneous, very good looking, love tattoo's, bad boys with tattoo's or just plain old bad boys in general. Wears her heart on her sleeve and will do anything for the people she loves. If she hates you she'll probably punch you in the face! but she has way more love than hate. This girl rocks your socks off!!
Guy 1: Damn that Addis chick punched me in the face!
Guy 2: Wow you must really be an asshole
by Blaque Betty February 04, 2010
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short way of saying Addis Ababa/capital city of Ethiopia. It also means New in Amharic one of Ethiopian national language.
We're going to Addis over the weekend!
by Blen February 05, 2006
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Aderrol pill(s) that are popped or snorted to achieve a feeling of euphoric happiness.
Marco: You got that addi for me?
Dealer: yea i got 120 mgs right here.
by T-wit-it July 15, 2005
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One of the brattiest people to walk on this earth. She’s got the worst temper, cant help but copy everyone around her, and she expects everything to go her way and when it doesn’t she pitches a fit.
I can’t even with Addi”
by Bhab bhabie🤟 July 02, 2018
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Addis can be used as a name, boy or girl. usually more common in Greece. Addis means one is mentally insane, one enjoys to see suffering of others and never shows sympathy or mercy towards anyone. Addis is a person who enjoys using others as puppets and taking advantage of people. Addis Is usually strong with the supernatural energy and draws attention from passing is beloved that If Addis is strong enough with his power he can hat eat souls from passing spirits. Addis is hot headed and will pick a fight at the drop of a hat, people even say he will drop the hat. Addis is also very strong.
See that guy over there? He looks so Addis, picking a fight with that kid.
by GregorytheDarkLord July 14, 2016
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