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Preferred stimulant that an avetard consumes to try to pass his exam. It will be supplied by Froomie and the avetards will go stoopid after popping only half a tab.
Henry: "Dude I'm so stressed about this exam, I don't think I will graduate from TardU"
Froomie: "I gotchu bro, just pop an addy and come with me to study"
by TurnM3Up December 06, 2019
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Dwayne: Yo you coming to that party tonight?
Simon: oh yeah bro what's the addy?
by big.M1000 June 21, 2017
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the adhd medicine, adderalls

the single best shit in the world if your broke but wanna feel like ur on coke
yo dude i scored some addys if you wanna stay up and draw pictures and write some shit tonight
by Hannabel February 10, 2009
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College slang for the ADHD medication and wonder study-drug, Adderall. Simply put, Adderall is speed. Its pharmacological makeup consists of a mixture of various amphetamine salts--namely, dextro-amphetamine and levo-amphetamine. It is NOT Methamphetamine. Pharma's version of Meth is called 'Desoxyn.'
"Hey man, you got any extra Addy around? I've got a killer mid-term to cram for on Tuesday, and a 12 page paper due on Wednesday."
by SebastianDrake April 04, 2006
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The best person you'll get as your bestie and who will stand up for even if you don't want them to their your every thing. Any boy would be lucky to have her
Addy -best gift ever
by Hayhay3716 April 22, 2017
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