The AR-15, short for Assault Rifle, is a lightweight, magazine fed, .223 caliber, automatic rifle. Can tear anybody to pieces in seconds. A favorite or Pastor Troy.
Pastor Troy: The police pull us over. They friskin niggas, they tearin' ma truck up. But they ain't find shit..... but my AR-15. When I saw the cracka pull out the gun... I went and open the police car door and got in ma muthafuckin' self.
by The Juicer June 1, 2006
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The (somehow completely legal) firearm of choice for mass shootings in the US, this firearm not only can fire many different sizes of ammunition, but ultimately results in the thoughts and prayers of members of the US government.
“There was yet another mass-shooting that involved and AR-15. Now we get to listen to NRA activists condescendingly shit on everyone about how the “AR” stands for “ArmaLite”, not “Assault Rifle”, instead of talking about the actual problem.
by backma5k February 17, 2018
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AR 15 is the civilian version of the military's M4 carbine. Contrary to what most people believe AR doesn't stand for assault rifle, rather it stands for the original manufacturer Armalite Rifle. AR 15 is semiautomatic and does't meet Federal requirements to be classified as an assault rifle.
AR 15 is so legal in Kalifornia, now everyone is sporting it
by Nasor6221 July 2, 2015
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This gun SJWs claim is the spawn of all evil. Believe it or not, the AR actually is the Father of the M16, and the M16 was developed off it. It is now marketed as a Semi-Auto Rifle for civillians in America. Recently, there has been a Libtarded movement to ban it, following the recent school shootings.
Visitor: Oh, is that your M16?
Gun owner: No, it's an AR 15 man. Have you been playing too much COD recently?
by Nein_Definition July 14, 2018
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A scary black aussault rifle that shoots fully-semi automatically and is easy to obtain. A weapon of choice for shcool shooters, white supremest, and alt-righters
AR 15’s are responsible for 100,000 deaths each year
by A smol Hispanic child July 23, 2018
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The thing that is most feared in high schools
Teen: *Walks to school with a AR 15*
Every living thing within a 5 mile radius: *thots and prayers*
by Nein das ist doch November 5, 2019
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1. A perfectly harmless device that throws pointy metal objects super duper fast, with which if it is referred to as an assault rifle people freak the fuck out and call you a snowflake tree hugging homo, but logic says not to call it a gun because it's just big as fuck and the common person assumes a gun to be something held in one hand, it surely doesn't look like a rifle; e.g. sniper rifle actually looks like a rifle, DEFINITELY cannot call it a machine gun, NRA members will likely FREAK OUT AT YOUR LACK OF EDUCATION REGARDING PROPER IDENTIFICATION AND CLASSIFICATION OF FIREARMS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Because we all have military experience, or small cocks with which we need to compensate for.

2. A pointy metal object thrower that is NOT DEADLY OR DANGEROUS AT ALL, yet is used by nearly every mass murderer, coincidence? Of course not, they just have constant flash sales promoting this type of pointy shooty thing at Mass Murdermart.

3. A tool with which all persons, children, rapitsts, criminals, murderers, terrorists, fuzzy foreigners, republican domestic terrorists, people of faith, people of no faith, don't forget ANTIFA, protestors, people "supervising and offering medical aid" to protestors, and hell aliens upon arrival into this galaxy should be given and expected to have on their person at all mother fucking times because MURICA!!!!!!!!!!
Now now Grady, an ar-15 is no more dangerous than a hammer or chef's knife, even though hammers and chef knifes have practical safe uses that society greatly benefit from and would be lost without, and ar-15 is just a murdering machine, did I say machine I'm soooooo sorry go fuck your sister.

Well Buck & Jeb perhaps it's not really hunting or challenging to use an ar-15 to hunt, sorta like using a gattling gun to "hunt fish" in a bucket.
by ThumbsUpSisterFucker May 28, 2022
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