this is not the street name for AK47. it is the street name for an AR15. the ak 47 fires 762x39mm, the soviet m43 round. there were rare versions of the ak47 that fire the 223 round, but these were rare and not numerous enough to consider. the ar15 fires the 5.56 nato, which is the same as 223 remington, 223 for short.
i went and grabbed my 223 full of ss109's
by alex lindsay August 18, 2007
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"Hey man I'm not sure how to prove this statement"
"Just 223 that bitch"
by Tristan Cyrus Roy February 5, 2019
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223 in tha street means AK-47(chopper). An ak-47 shoots a .223 caliber round.
i just got a 223 wit an extended clip.
by r.m.b March 26, 2007
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Refers to any rifle that fires a .223 round such as the colt m16, ruger mini-14, bushmaster rifles etc.
by Chi-Chi January 29, 2004
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The .223 is closely related to it's metric 'cousin' the 5.56x45 descused later on. The .223 is the main cartrage used in an ar-15 rifle yet it can also be found in other types of sporting rifles. Usually used for hunting varments, the .223 has an at muzzle speed of around 2500 fps. The .223 is found equiped with a bullet normaly ranging from a 55 grain hp/jhp (which is used primarily for target practice) to an 80 grain hp/jhp (which is used primarily for match shooting).

The 5.56x45 NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) caleber is very close to the .223 yet very diferent. In a standard ar-15 rifle, 5.56 NATO or .223 can be effectively used. However in most sporting rifles only the .223 is recomended for use. The main reason for this is the load. The 5.56 NATO round provides more power that it is too powerful for the .223 chambered gun to withstand for any type of prolonged use. Therefor 5.56 is better for use in any gas opperated/blowback action gun. Also the 5.56 round has a thicker caseing (because of the 'hotter' load) which is better for reloading (because of resistance to cracking).

The 5.56x45 NATO also has one other major use. The 5.56 NATO spec round is the cartrage used by not only the US forces but those encompassed in the NATO aliance. The ammo usually used as NATO is manufactured by Lake City Amunition in Independence, Missouri. Along with this amunition the army also uses the 7.62x51 (.308) which is normally refered to as a sniper round. The .308 is also somewhat close in specs to the .257 roberts used alot for 1000 yard competion.

The ever popular .223 has recently been challenged agenst the 6.8spc or 6.8x43 which is derived from the 30 win. cartrage. The 6.8spc has an advertised speed of 2800 fps but pretty much is maxed out to 2650 from a standard ar-15 with a 16" barrel which is slightly greater than a standard .223 but when loaded into a magazine, takes up more space thus limiting the mag capacity to less than what a .223 mag can hold. If you have a .223 mag holding 30 rounds you can expect to fit about 25 rounds of 6.8spc. The takedown power of the 6.8 is simaler to that of the .223 being able to take down a human foe at 300 yards however the .223 with its popularity, ease of production, and power simply will never be replaced by the 6.8spc in my opinion.
The soldier was able to down his foe useing his ar-15, fireing .223 ammo.
by BushmasterBeck July 17, 2006
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223 or twotwothree: Car club made by a bunch of car faggots that act hard but have never shot a gun or even been shot at
.223: "yo have you heard about 223?" "yah mean i heard yunus got mad beef with them"
by honjawashere December 29, 2019
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The clan that is not as gay as FSK405 (see
fsk405). they pwn j00
by .223|Bob December 23, 2003
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