Ao Oni (青鬼) is a Japanese survival horror game in which the player must solve puzzles and explore while avoiding The Oni.
Ao Oni translates to Blue Demon. Story: 3 boys and 1 girl enter a mansion which is rumored to have a monster in it.

Hiroshi, the protagonist, denies monsters existing and exclaims that it is "scientifically impossible". Hiroshi goes to explore a sound and finds out that it was just a plate shattered on the ground. Hiroshi returns to the room to see his friends missing. He sets out exploring to find them.
Ao Oni is totally rad man, it scared me for days!
by Ryouu December 16, 2012
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This is the Vietnamese traditional costume. A lot of people think it's very sexy and attractive. That's why Ao Dai makes Vietnamese women look more beautiful. It's very soft and it is also the uniform for female students in high school.
In the Asian Assembly, almost everyone was so surprised because of Ao Dai's beauty.
by Trang Nguyen April 3, 2006
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A pr0 CS clan which have been to the CPL more times than I can count. Game quality is kept high due to rigorous practice sessions, which sees the clan split into two, to practice the most common match numbers, 4 v 4. This also ensures that they never get to fight alongside each other, keeping the talent fresh.
"OMG AoS are in our server"
*Roadkill cums
by Anonymous June 26, 2003
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a girl of promiscuity who lurks around chatrooms on AOL, the ao ho is often a heartbreaker of several internet boys, and often engages in phone/cyber sex and quickly dispatches provocative pictures.
doesnt matter if she send you noodz, that girl jackie is an ao ho
by destr0y July 12, 2006
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Not Rated/Adults Only- usually a rating for a mature tv show
south park is rated NR/AO
by supworld July 10, 2007
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A girl who believes in abstinence. The word stands for "Afraid of Sex". She is pretty much the complete opposite of a slut.
Max: Hey girl, you want to get a hotel room?
Ashley: No way, I'm not like that.
Max: What do you mean your not like that?
Ashley: I'm not into having sex with just anybody. It takes time.
Max: Oh, I didnt know you were an AOS chick.
Ashley: What did you just call me?
by Maxwell Donald June 1, 2007
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