sexy pictures and/or naked pictures one takes of themselves to share with others via internet or AIM
send noodz please.
by Anonymous April 8, 2003
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pictures taken naked and sent to the opposite sex throw a phone
I got noodz from my girlfriend.
by I GET NOODZ April 12, 2011
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Pictures of yourself, Naked.
Juan admitted that he had jerked off to Lauren's n00dz.
by sixfeetabove April 8, 2003
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To send one a picture of naked noodles very sexually and seductive.
She she said she wanted "the pictures" so I sent her Noodz.
by Tttthhhhhaaaaattttgggguuuuuyyy September 21, 2015
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yo bro, hook it up with a dood nude!
dick pic 4 dick pic!
these dood noodz make me so wet!
by joe veever July 7, 2010
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Someone who's good at playing video games, that doesnt try to attract too much unwanted attention, a person that can easily attract friends, and easily get mad
Its a nickname simple... like wassup noodz
by NotRamin February 26, 2021
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