another way of saying "said" or "says"
can be interchanged with like and "goes/go"
mostly used by teenage girls
So she goes, "He's so fine" and I'm all "Hell yeah!" and she's like "Damn" and I'm all "I know!"
by Jubilee November 18, 2003
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ALL - Anything that is truly DOPE ASS FUCK. Comprehensive RAWNESS. Innovation. Stylish. ALL Love- Stop HATIN'
*Oh shit! Dudes Hat game is..... ALL. * Homegirl came through last night, and did it ALL *Oakland CA, based Street Wear Brand
by [ALL] March 13, 2015
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When a group of friends are taking tequila shots, someone named Abdul yells, "All of it! All of it!" Funny thing is he's the only one not taking shots on his birthday.
Thomas: "Alright guys, cheers!"

*Everyone takes a shot of tequila except Abdul*

Abdul: "All of it! All of it!"
by tac1991 July 19, 2011
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A hot mf.
“yo she’s hot”
yuh ik thats alle
by not alle March 12, 2021
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Alle is a funny person who will always make me feel good about myself. Her stunning appearance and personality make her someone to look up to. But what makes Alle, Alle is her use of TikTok emojis in every chat.
Alle proud is amazing
by Cassidy14 March 12, 2021
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