Street wear is defined as west coast skateboarding styles. A lot of street wear companies are based out of the west coast and focus on the styles a classic skateboarder would wear. This includes fitted pants, normally classic vans, screen printed large tees, and flat billed hats. Never get street wear confused with hipsters, this is a totally different culture than skin tight pants and parliaments cigarettes. Street wear is very underground and the clothing you see that comes out of these companies are all DIY and kids just creating shirts for their friends to wear. East coast street wear is a bit different but not as popular as it is in the west coast. Another part of street wear culture is Fixed Gear bikes and definitely a good beer.
by underground kids October 29, 2008
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a form of clothing you wear in urban areas/cities.
(big tees, baggy jeans, fleece hoods, etc.)
yo check out this niggah's street wear.
by mike henderson May 24, 2008
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Any type of fashion that is worn with a mask when non the street.
Bro, what the fuck are you wearing that mask for?

Oh it's just the latest fashion trend called Covid Street wear.
by kam75xx January 25, 2022