ALL - Anything that is truly DOPE ASS FUCK. Comprehensive RAWNESS. Innovation. Stylish. ALL Love- Stop HATIN'
*Oh shit! Dudes Hat game is..... ALL. * Homegirl came through last night, and did it ALL *Oakland CA, based Street Wear Brand ALLest2000.com
by [ALL] March 13, 2015
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Just woke up this morning and realized that its A.L.L. today.
by youngsage333 February 08, 2012
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a term used in some parts of Southern California. for the most part, "all" typically replaces "you're" or is just needlessly added on.
Phil: Sorry dude, I'm sick today

Johhny:All sick! that sucks man!
by s1yfoxx August 18, 2010
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"All" a general term for those who share a tax haven, tax advisors or tax lawyers in an overseas territory such as The Virgin Islands or Panama. Note this use of "ALL" is paradoxically selective and elitist exuding a misplaced sense of irony by the wealthy.
"We're all in it together" as quoted by many senior Tory politicians
by Norman Lament April 04, 2016
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