Aeo meaning "Hello" often followed with "Bouyo".
Comes from the words "Hey, yo" which eventually evolved into the one word, "Aeo".
By dropping the H, and putting the Y's together, it looked like 'eyo' which was pronounced "Ay Oh" and was simply spelled the new way, A E O.

Bouyo isn't ment to mean anything other then to represent the person being spoken to.
"Aeo, bouyo!"
"Aeo, m'bouyo!"
by Odbarc November 30, 2004
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A group of beautiful, amazing, fun, cute, sexy girls that have crazy adventures and awsome good times.And they have ph. Together unofficially since 2003, the group was named AEO in early 2006!
Sally: Why do those girls have henna tatoos and doing war cries??

Amber: Because she's in AEO. Wow i'm jealous, she's amazing.

Sally: You're right, i wish we were as amazing as them.
by Emiliviamanda March 25, 2006
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1. An annoying internet user.
2. Sort of in touch with his feminin side, and likes strong men with ripped t-shirts.
3. Don't like women unless their abit manly.
Man he looks like an Aeos.
by fool November 06, 2003
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