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A mental disorder that is poorly understood by many. Contrary to popular belief, people with adhd aren't retarded. They just don't learn like most other people do. This, in turn, pisses off the faculty at school, and they make everyone around you aware of of your disorder, and since your non adhd classmates don't understand your disorder either, you'll be labeled as different, guaranteeing that you'll be made fun of multiple times. Despite this, adhd people tend to be more intelligent than those who do well in public schools. They don't pay attention in class because guess what stupid teachers? Your class is useless to them and boring as shit, not because they suck at learning. Most kids with adhd are highly creative. After the hell they endure at school, they usually go on to be successful at life and never look back. Famous examples of these people: Albert Einstein, Jim carrey, Pete rose (baseball legend), will smith, Michael phelps (Olympic gold medalist swimmer), robin Williams (RIP), Walt Disney, and way too many people to list have adhd and go on to do incredible things.
Teacher at school: WHAT?!?! Your son has ADHD?!?! Oh, we can help him.

Teacher in class: ...and that's why 5,552X is parallel with 9,467Y. (Half the class is asleep) hey...uh... Kid with adhd! Solve the next problem! What is 3,758Y equivalent to?

Student with adhd: uh...I... I honestly don't know, mrs. Richards.

Teacher: are you that stupid?! We went over this yesterday! Twice! You should be paying attention like everyone else is! (Even though no one actually is) do this 10 page packet so I don't have to fail you! *whole class laughs at him*

Kid with adhd in 20 years: I love living in Hawaii! I'm so glad that people outside of school appreciated my creativity! Now I can rest easy knowing I found the cure for cancer!
by AnArChY231 August 18, 2014
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The best thing you can drink, but don't drink too much or you'll be fat or have bad teeth.
George: Soda tastes amazing, my favorite flavor is grape!

Fred: I used to like soda, but now i'm fat and my teeth are rotting because of it...

George: That's your own fault, dude.
by AnArChY231 February 16, 2014
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A city northwest of Columbus, the capital of Ohio. Half of the kids are completely spoiled rich kids who try to act ghetto, make fun of mentally challenged kids, and generally act like dumb shits. These are the people who give our dumb little town a bad name. They mostly live in the north part of Dublin, with all the fancy golf courses. The other half is the middle-class kids that are either decent people, or act like their upper-class counterparts. They live in the boring south part of Dublin. Everyone else here is an Asian or Arabic immigrant, with no clear reason as to why they chose our crappy city over much better places in the U.S. our city is pretty much the home of Wendy's. I bet you didn't know that, and if you did, congrats, because Dublin could care less about that great achievement, and instead they focus on their imaginary Irish heritage. Our schools are obesely overrated by journalists who only pay attention to the statistics like grades, test scores, etc. If you have any learning disorders at all (ADHD, dyslexia, anxiety, etc.) you are treated miserably. The teachers make you look stupid in front of the whole class by babying you through tests, making your disorder way too obvious, and make you look like you can't do shit. It's like the Aryan race in Nazi Germany! The lunches aren't anything special either. As for the high schools, Scioto is ghetto, Jerome is full of the rich kids from northern Dublin, and Coffman is somewhere in the middle.
Asian immigrant: So is it true that everyone in Dublin is Irish?

Dublin resident: Um, no.

Asian immigrant: Oh, well at least it's a really nice city!

Dublin resident: *Snorts* Dude? Really? You fell for Dublin's bullshit? C'mon, I know you just moved here from china or whatever a few months ago, but I thought you'd see through their crap by now!

Asian immigrant: Oh, I see... It's just like back home... Propaganda everywhere you-

Rich douchebag: MOVE OUTTA THE FUCKING WAY, FAGGOT ASS BITCH! Can u even speak english? Prob not, cuz u a dumb immigrant from sum gay ass country in asia. Just shut da fuk up, cuz i dont even know who would let u in our kool country. Did u sneak past da border or sumthin', cuz u-

Dublin resident: Jesus, mike, enough with that stuff. He just moved here-

Rich douchebag: Shut up! U couldn't bang a girl 2 save ur life, let alone ur ass once I kik it to the er!

Dublin resident: let's just leave, Huang, this guy is a swag fag.

Dublin teacher: Hey, you're insulting another student! Should I give you a detention, boy?

Dublin resident: But that kid insulted Huang first, and me!

Dublin teacher: Do not lie to me, boy! Automatic detention!

Dublin resident: But I-

Dublin teacher: Save it! I have no time for bullies like you! *hands boy detention slip*

Dublin resident: I seriously don't-

Dublin teacher: Oh, here's your record. Let's see...*gasps* You have ADHD??!! Two detentions for you!

Dublin resident:...This city is stupid.
by AnArChY231 May 28, 2014
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