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Basically, a half God. Has more powers than a mortal but less than a full-fledged god. All in theory.
Demigods dotn really exist, but I wish they did.
by bobie February 15, 2005
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A demigod is a half mortal, half God. A demigod posses God like characteristic, in which some are humanly impossible, or exaggerations in which a mortal couldn't obtain; however posses certain mortal characteristics which leaves them vulnerable by mortal standards.
The great demigod Martell, while being able to read minds,walk on water, and posses amazing strength; can be killed with missles.
by Pai Mei July 19, 2006
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Half-God, Half- mortal. Basically what I want to be.
Examples of demigods are Hercules, Perseus, Persassy Jackson, and Mango Cheese.
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by Dhdjdhhbhbhs I am weird May 07, 2018
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A human who has been made into a god; a transcendent human; a person who has qualities of a god.
Catholics view Mary, the mother of Jesus, as a demigod.
by Jon Davis January 14, 2004
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Little motherfuckers who think that by calling themselves gods that they are above everything and everyone. Not worth a flying fuck truthfully but tolerated by everyone else because they play cute. Usually real young (25-100).

Those little asslicks, they must be demi gods.
by Archangel John June 23, 2003
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