The first definition in the Oxford English Dictionary, aa is a kind of lava with a light frothy texture.
"MMM I love drinking aa."
by Rico Kobbledowski March 20, 2020
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most commonly used in a serious situation where one is falling.
" hey wanna go- aa"
by stanky cooch April 16, 2019
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At all (used for emphasis) in any way; to any extent.
That is not good aa, I dont like him aa (at all)
via giphy
by monkeyboyliam March 25, 2018
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a person who likes to make friends and fuck them in the ass with a mangina. yes he has the smallest diARhggmm sorry i meant mangina its hairy and has little souls inside of it A.A is the biggest fuckboi of all he loves dick yum yum.
by my big weiner February 07, 2019
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Short for “at all
Jeff: “Dude, that new girl Jennifer is hot AF.”

Bryan: “Man, I don’t care about Jennifer AA, I only have eyes for my girlfriend.”
by Senor Fantastico October 23, 2020
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