an abbreviation in the popular MMORPG Everquest, meaning Advanced Abilities.
Ding, I just got another AA brotha!!
by Jimmy Stewart January 13, 2005
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the meetings the psych hospital makes you go to regardless of whether you have a problem or not
The guy who runs the AA program here sucks.
by agnostic carebear May 29, 2005
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Assrapers anonymous. A society of ex-cons who like to rape other ex-cons fresh out of the joint. Sort of a welcome back to the world.
"You just get out?"
"Turn around"
Ok.....OH SHIT!!!!"
"Welcome to AA! My name is Joe."
by Joe, the prez of AA March 06, 2005
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anal action. getting anal sex. having anal plesure. getting some ass
hey man i got some A.A. from her last night.
by dakota johnson April 04, 2008
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Acronym for "Adult approaching". Usually used by teens when talking about something they don't want an adult that is closing in to hear about.
Finn: So then the teacher caught me- Um, AA.

Adult: Hey!

Finn: Hey...
by CoconutMuffin May 21, 2011
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an abbreviation for Anti Aircraft gun or Anti Air
Player 1: Hey lets go shoot some planes in my brand new AA gun!
Player 2: Sweet ill go grab the AA shells.
by Sergio April 03, 2005
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