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A filler word for any word in the english language where it would make sense
What the Dubz
Who the Dubz are you
Lets play some Basketdubz
in dubz we trust

where the fuck did i put my dubz
by DubzKing February 04, 2010
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Treating every relationship like it’s your last and getting super serious with someone you just started dating.
Person 1: who tf is that new chick w alex?
Person 2: idk he's been apocalypsing like crazy
by Plenty of Fish November 10, 2020
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Same as Dubs. Twenty inch rims, period. (ie. dub dubs or dub twoz, would be twenty-two inch rims.) Moving onto dub fowz... twenty four inch.
by Anonymous April 30, 2003
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One who exhibits extreme model like hotness and who drives the ladies crazy in bed
Look, it's Dubz!!!
by Everybody. March 10, 2013
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This word occurs rather frequently throughout rap songs by various artists. People often get confused about the difference between, for example, lyrics in songs saying "rollin' on 20's" (which means their vehicle has 20" rims AKA Dubs/DUBs/dubz) and also saying "rollin' on 84's" - 84's doesnt mean 84 inches (obviously), nor does it mean 21 inches shares throughout the 4 wheels of the vehicle. It in fact means the number of spokes the car has on all of its wheels. These number of spokes are commonly found on luxury Caddillacs which have been tuned up (mainly lowriders).

Furthermore, the term dubz is commonly referred to as 20 ounces of cocaine and sometimes even other measurements and substances. This was made popular by rap artists in America (mainly in LA, Compton) e.g. Eazy-E.

In short, "dubz" can mean; rims of a car ranging from 20" to 24" (most likely 20") or 20's (ounces/grams) of drugs (cocaine/cannabis etc.).
"I put some Dubz on ma' ride" - rims
"Bud, I serve Dubz like it ain't no thang" - drugs (lyrics from a song featuring Eazy-E
by Spooner2K7 August 22, 2007
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Common abbreviation for the word "doubles," especially for gaming purposes.
"Let's merc some kids on Team Slayer."

"Nah man, I don't want to be matched with two other noobs. Let's play Team Dubz."
by mattyp1108 September 03, 2008
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born july 10th 1990 in wellesley MA grew up in east dedham aka E.D. was influenced at a very young age by his older brother DaveyD aka DJ. Mike Dubz is the original "Dubz" hes moved 11 times in his life wich explains why he knows so many pepole and has such a diverse group of friends. Mike Dubz started off in school late so he was already old for his grade, as the years went on he found school his last priority staying back twice, and is now currently expelled, rumor has it he has been suspended over 300 times. Mike Dubz picked up a skateboard at 14 years old and hasnt stoped ever sense. MIke Dubz had a past crminal lifestyle hes done everything from robbed houses, stole cars, vandalism of property, sold drugs, rumor has it he formed a gang of certified "bob store robbers" and jack bob stores for more then 8,000 dollars. The word on the street is that you can get dubz to do ANYTHING by simply stateing the words "you wont" before the task you desire him to do. Mike Dubz is a member of the notorious "City Krew" with members hailing from Boston, New York City, and Providence. Dubz wasted his time with a shity girl named Hbell who drove him insane and fucked another guys reguardless of everything theve been though. Dubz now currently resides in Mansfield MA and has a case pending for destroying over 15 school buses. Dubz loves john lennon and the beatles, wich comes with his love for mushrooms and marijuana. some of Dubz's famous phrases are: "WHAAATTT"- his most famous, and "ohhh myyyy", "you wontt!", "fail",he even originated the phrase "Beast" with evidence proving it from the early 90's. Dubz is promised a successful future, but has obvious struggles getting there. the basic fact of the matter is that DUBZloveslife- his aim screen name, dubz loves biddies but never has sex with anyone he hasnt had sex sense 2005 and hes fine with it. Dubz can run fast, so make him your partner in crime. Mike Dubz's family has high political power, rangeing from members of his family being the chief of police, to the italian mafia, and the irish mob, hes also known to have connections with whity bulgers family.

"Lets get this party started and call DUBBZZZWHAAATT!"

"Dude dont even do it, youll get it so much trouble, just have Dubz do it."

"Yo whats the deal for today? lets hit up mike dubz"
by charles darwinII February 12, 2009
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