A Videogame, recruiting tool of the US army. AA = Americas Army
yo panda, it's geox. Do you wanna play AA with me bud ?
by mRGeOx April 23, 2005
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(Noun) A specific type of terrain formation found in hawaii. The Word itself is from the hawaiian language, because they are crazy enough to have a word compose of only two vowels.
LOOK! An aa! (yea thats a pretty lame example)
by Cowicula January 17, 2005
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1) Amature Alcoholics, or those who don't know when they've had enough of any variety of fermented beverages brewed or distilled to induce intoxication in the user, and resulting in attracting the attentions of the constabulary and being brought into the legal system for reprimand as a consequence of the irresponsible transgression against society's accepted regulations as prescribed by their laws dealing with such matters.
Damn, the judge gimme 40 hours of AA meetings.
by cunninglinguist April 25, 2005
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"We're booked on AA 114 which goes from Los Angeles to Newark."
by cryingshame February 23, 2006
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Attitude adjustment applied through the use of force or coercion. Can apply to people or mechanical objects.
"If you don't quit complaining and bitching all the time I'm gonna give you an AA."
by Caffeine Boy May 27, 2004
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