32 definitions by bitstripslang

What you tell someone before killing them.
Hitman: Here we are. Any last words?
Hostage: Yeah, go to hell.
by bitstripslang September 30, 2018
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Really really really really really really really ugly humans.
by bitstripslang October 16, 2017
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A novel but with visuals and speech bubble dialogue that make it more interesting and fun to read
I be readin' Marvelcomics everyday!
by bitstripslang June 10, 2015
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See that hoe at the other bus stop? She's the definition of FAT.
by bitstripslang November 9, 2019
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Anywhere between the month of December to the month of January.
My friend's brother was born in Decembuary.
by bitstripslang December 16, 2016
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When someone says something random but what they said just so happens to sound dumb at the same time.
Well, that was pretty randumb.
by bitstripslang October 26, 2016
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To dishonestly boost your rates for personal gain and making it appear as though they are superior or popular, whether it's Bitstrips, YouTube or any social media website that consists of rates. Some may rateboost to outnumber their haters.
"Bitstrips user dchan250 used multiple accounts to rateboost his strip to get to top author"
by bitstripslang January 3, 2015
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