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When two guys have sex with the same girl in the same day (or within a 24 hour period) at different times (probably hours apart). This does not include a Chinese Fires Drill, tag-team, or "switcharoo" or anything else that just means one is "waiting for their turn". It can not be planned or have any pre thought. It must happen naturally and without pushing. As with anything, consent is necessary and do not be a fuck about it. Lewis and Clark were the two best friends that anyone could have and had to spent a good amount of time with Sacagawea, and who knows what really happen.
"_____ had sex with her in the morning and _____ had sex with her at night, they have officially been dubbed 'Lewis and Clark".

"____ and _____ have 'Lewis and Clarked' ______.

"_____ and ______ have done 'A Lewis and Clark'.
by $tingRay August 31, 2014
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