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A character that appears in skits on Cam'ron's album Purple Haze. He has been addicted to many drugs, and acts tough. In the end, it turns out he was wearing a wire and is a snitch. If you are a mizzle, you are a bitch.
Don't call Mizzle. I don't trust him.
by Casey April 8, 2005
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The place where 2 men fight to death, as in the Mad Max movie.
When 2 people are fighting, simply yell "Thuderdome!" This should induce chants of "two men enter, one man leave, two men enter, one man leave..."
by Casey February 20, 2003
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something so incredibly bad ass that you can't just say bad ass
by Casey July 15, 2004
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damn that girl so dirty i wouldnt even touch her, what a scutterbutt.
by Casey December 8, 2003
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a complete instance of something; all of something
That girl is the whole shebang.
by Casey October 11, 2003
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1. a bitch so nasty you should hit her with a spatula.
2. doing something so dumb that it deserves gettin hit with a spatula
1.that bitch that just walked by was one stank ho, she was deffinatly spatulating.
2.agentblue just said the most spatulating comment ever.
by Casey January 3, 2005
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