64 definitions by Casey

1. the act of betting a high odds pot in 'Tweener only to lose your money like a jackass.

2. exclamation made when definition 1 occurs.
1. Casey potfucked when he bet it all on a King and 3 and the dealer drew a 2.

1. "Pot ... FUCK!", he exclaimed.
by Casey July 22, 2004
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Bowel movements. Called "ppundage" because it is heavy.
"Help! Roy just made poundage on the floor!"
by Casey April 02, 2005
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ass licking donkey molester who sniffs his own asshole using a pitching wedge he found in the garbage
I could really go for a prudham right about now
by Casey September 09, 2003
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Last night Mike asked Tommy to give him a rustache ride.
by Casey February 24, 2005
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something so incredibly bad ass that you can't just say bad ass
by Casey July 15, 2004
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