64 definitions by Casey

female happy area. ie: vagina, beaver, vertical taco, hatchet wound, etc...
that guy totally put his pee pee in her votch
by Casey December 14, 2003
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the shortened version of calling an individual a mega bitch
My English teacher is a mego
by Casey February 15, 2005
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Last night Mike asked Tommy to give him a rustache ride.
by Casey February 25, 2005
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sport often left out of public skateparks for bullshit reasons...
enforced by 26 year old pedifiles named willy
i bike now let me in willy, or ill get the cops on u 4 havin sex with that 8 year old
by Casey January 4, 2004
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a homie; just an ordinary person, not pertaining to any one race.
"What up, collare!?" Casey said.
"Nuttin much. What crackin with you?" He replied.
by Casey July 7, 2004
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A variation of the Patrick Swayze, but with two males both sticking their penises into one girl's nostrils (one is each nostril)
Groff and the mexican sure want to Lewis and Clark Hugh...
by Casey January 16, 2004
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