The act when one does something extremely retarted.
the bird pulled a josh when he flew into the window!
by cuddlebear5450 July 2, 2012
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A cool dude but he does have his issues. All the girls dig him but he's really just not very interested in pre-marital sexual activities. He does have one exception however, furries. He LOVES dating furries as they're the only cure to his masterbation problem.
Guy: "Josh Josh are you getting erect?"

Josh Josh: "shit I've gotta go wank off to some furries"
by Italiacuisine29 January 30, 2020
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The many awesome abilities of the verb to JOSH that leaves an impression on people.
You can't resist my Joshness, you know you miss it!
by ArkantosJ October 2, 2009
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josh is me.
by dunnoz November 30, 2017
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An unknown creature that takes a humanoid form, this creature has similar properties of what one would apply to "Batman" in the fact that it usually wears black, fights crime and has an incredible voice. Some people even think that it may be Death himself. This creature usually dwells on the planet earth and only one can be alive at one time. These creatures are not only bad ass heroes, but they can also use immense powers of unimaginable destruction and can even go as far as to control the space-time continuum, letting them skip across worlds and dimensions with ease. This creature, sighted only once and recorded many times throughout history called itself by one thing. Josh.
In a collapsed tomb in ancient Egypt, the hieroglyphs on the wall once told of a being of darkness bringing an evil emperors rule to an end.

After world war II a journal was recovered and instantly hidden by the CIA as inside was recordings of people being saved by the "dark angel, Josh"
by PitchBlack March 19, 2013
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Josh is a sensitive, caring guy who will do anything to solve problems. Although he may come across as overprotective but all he wants to do is make sure that the ones he loves are safe and well. Joshua's are normally very attractive and have the most gorgeous eyes. He also is an extremely good kisser and knows how to pleasure a lady; They're romantic and are aware of a girl's boundaries. I'm 100% positive that if you find a Josh, you will not regret it and you'll most defiantly have a perfect relationship. Trust me, Josh's are worth the wait.
"Look at him, he's defiantly a Josh!"
by abcdfkulolx January 3, 2015
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