Your profile picture on facebook after your present one isnt working out. Kinda like your bottom bitch, but for photos.

guy 2: "yah, your default default is pretty cool."
by bajesus666 February 15, 2011
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The defaulting of a picture on facebook. Especially after a group of friends commenting on the picture demand it.
Victoria: "Dude Phil. The picture of you in a bra deserves defaultation!"
Phil: "Nah...everyone will think Im weird!"
Person 1: "Default!"
Person 2: "Yes! Default!"
person 3: "YES YES! DEFAULT!"
Phil: "Well fine... i guess it does deserve defaultation!"
by KayPea November 26, 2009
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Option that is chosen automatically for user, out of the box.
example 1: Internet Explorer is default browser in Windows
example 2: default settings suck in Firefox!
example 3: first thing you need to do is to get rid of default settings.
by name used whatever October 12, 2011
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A person in Fortnite who is complete garbage and has no skins. Some pros are hidden among Defaults.Defaults are known for doing the same dance over and over.
Default can also be referring to the dance they do that is given to them.
Look at that default running in front of us.
by Hide the Eugene's are coming November 12, 2018
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a phrase commonly used by Josephine Langford to categorize herself and/or others with certain characteristics.
Interviewer: Who is more of a reader?
Josephine: *points to herself* By default. I’ve read the novels unlike Hero...
Hero: We’re shooting shots now, yeh?
by herofiennesluvr April 19, 2019
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a dance preformed to trigger somebody after wrecking them. usually preformed by normies or free players.
i did the default when i roasted my friend.
by patcat January 13, 2019
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