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Someone who is short in stature but makes up for it in passion and heart. Who loves her friends and having fun, but also staying in with a book. A big romantic, she will spend her life looking for that one special guy. Once she finds him, she will never let him go.
Josephine loves the arts, and loves to be surrounded by children and animals.

A Josephine is someone who will change your life for the better and will always be there for you.
-"I have the most amazing, caring friend in the world!"
-"Wow, she must be a Josephine!"
by TimTom21009 March 04, 2012
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The most amazing girl in the world.
Not only amazing, but: beautiful, hot, sexy, funny, cool, fun to hang out with, trust worthy, a complete turn on, and just so love-able

Without her the world would a place not worth living.

She will love you forever no matter what.
(Boy): !!! there goes Josephine!
(Boy2): Oh my god! she is soo hot!!
(Boy): i just wanna eat her up!
(Boy3): .....
(Boy2): umm.. Boy 3?
(Boy3): ...What?
(Boy2): are u masturbating under the table?
(Boy3): god damn it...
by ~Zucchini~ December 02, 2010
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Tiny little boy-crazy fireball with a good taste in music. Has her preferences and knows many references. Level-headed and can seem mean. But often it is to keep some at bay. Inside is a wholeheartedly nice girl; usually an excellent lover as well. Her uniqueness is what attracts others. However she'll soon show you just how awkward she can be. A real tough chick.
Josephine Pretty unique fair cute sex-charged hot-mess
by Naitsirhc July 17, 2013
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The sassiest sass queen to ever walk this earth. Everyone should bow down to her sassiness. She speaks the truth that every peasant is too afraid to say. Those who are friends with Josephine are the coolest because they're awesome enough to be friends with the sassiest sass queen to ever walk this earth. Everyone else is a peasant.
Bitch 1: OMG Josephine is SO MEAN.
Bitch 2: OMG I KNOW.
Awesome friend of Josephine: She is the SASSIEST SASS QUEEN TO EVER WALK THIS EARTH. Get it RIGHT.
by lalalalala1234 April 07, 2014
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Although she doesn’t know it she is the prettiest girl ever! She normally has brown or blond hair with the most gorgeous blue eyes! She is slim and sexy and adorable! She is very smart but doesn’t show it and sometimes has her monents! 😂 she often falls for guys she doesn’t think she has a chance with but they all love her and her beautiful sweet smile normally boys like Harleys or Matthews fall for her and they love her to bits! Although Josephine doesn’t like to show it she has had a tough child hood she may fake a smile but inside she is crying. Josephine is an incredible singer dancer and actress and is a very energetic girl and sometimes has her crazy and ditsy moments. She is athletic and good at anything she tries! She is very sensitive and always runs by the motto of nothing good will ever happen to her and always worries. If you are josephines friend you have to know that she is a handful she is caring and will do ANYTHING for you and I mean ANYTHING! But she will worry a lot and she can get very nervous so you NeeD to reassure her before she faints or has an anxiety attack 😂 anyway beautiful girl-good in bed 😉 and if you know one you are the luckiest person EVERRR so don’t treat her like shit!
Guy 1: oh my gosh that girl is honestly the sweetest I want to ask her out!
Guy 2: NO I was gonna ask her out she is GORGEOUS!

Guy 3: she is OBVIOUSLY a Josephine
by Alisha April June 06, 2018
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