the *gags* worst *gags* type *gags* of *gags* person.
ewwwwww Jason is *gags* a straight person.
by loberbisk October 28, 2020
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A nasty creature that everyone should stay away from.
Oh you’re a straight person? Stay away from me you contagious rat.
by F4gwithnoname February 24, 2021
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To be straight. It is a mental illness that makes u gay
U have Straight person -itis
by Zomber2222 October 30, 2017
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A term used by the LGBTQ community (primarily gays and bis) to describe cis het people that aren’t stereotypically straight.

These people tend to be allies and very supportive and kind towards members of the community. They are also probably funny and easygoing when it comes to jokes about being straight.
Girl 1: Is Harry Styles straight?
Girl 2: I think so, but even if he is, he’s definitely a valid straight person.
Girl 1: Oh yeah for sure.
by c00chieman69 October 2, 2020
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On any November 10th, it is National "Beat a Straight Person Day". For the entire day, it is legal for you to beat ANY straight people you come across!
LGBTQ+ Person 1: It's finally that special day!
Straight Person 1: What day is it?
Straight Person 2: Hm?
LGBTQ+ Person 1: It's National "Beat a Straight Person Day"!

An army of LGBTQ+ Members trample over and beat the group of straights
by OceanRequiem December 11, 2021
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