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The defaulting of a picture on facebook. Especially after a group of friends commenting on the picture demand it.
Victoria: "Dude Phil. The picture of you in a bra deserves defaultation!"
Phil: "Nah...everyone will think Im weird!"
Person 1: "Default!"
Person 2: "Yes! Default!"
person 3: "YES YES! DEFAULT!"
Phil: "Well fine... i guess it does deserve defaultation!"
by KayPea November 26, 2009
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Defaultation basically translates into, "Duh, it's a known fact. Default. Obvious?"

a) Used when an observation is brought up that is
either so obvious that it was stupid to even bring up
or b) Used when wanting to affirm the fact brought up--in this case, used as a compliment or an insult. An exaggeration, either way.
Corresponding to...

a) Jon: I am a boy
Maria: Defaultation.

b)Maria: I'm cool
Jon: Defaultation.

by gabrilove November 13, 2006
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