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an option, is a male or female who is viewed by another person as someone they would like to have sex with, this is based purely on the physical appearance and is rarely acted upon, but often fantasized about.if sex is had with an "option" they loose their status, and become fling's or sex buddies.more than one option can be considered at one time i don't have "potentials" i have options.
when two people flirt outrageously and connect on a purely physical level, they can be viewed as the one of the others "options" - wow hes so hot - dibs as my option!
by esmerelda darkeagle October 08, 2010
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(FINANCE) a type of financial derivative; a certificate that gives the owner the right to buy (or sell) a fixed amount of a specific thing for a specific price (the strike price).

An option to buy something else is called a call option; an option to sell something else is called a put option. An option has a strike price, which is the price at which you are entitled to buy (or sell) the underlying commodity, or stock, or foreign currency, or whatever.

Options allow the owner to speculate in the possibility that market prices will change in a certain direction, without actually spending the value of the underlying item. For example, suppose WTI crude is $85.75/bbl. In order to make $1000 off of a $0.25 increase in the price, you ordinarily would need to own 4000 bbls of crude, which you can't afford. So, instead, you buy a call option for 4000 bbls with a strike price of $85.75/bbl (i.e., exactly what it is now). This option will cost a tiny amount of money. If the price goes up to $86.00/bbl, you don't own the oil, but your options are now worth $1000 to somebody who wants to buy that oil.

An option with intrinsic value (for example,a call option whose strike price is less than the spot price) is "in the money." An option with no intrinsic value is "out of the money."
BILL: So, options are just like gambling, am I right?

ANNA: For most people. But if you're already in the business of buying or selling a particular thing, an option can protect you against a bad price movement.

BILL: But options on stocks? I mean, unless a company wants to reward its own executives, or something?

ANNA: Well, you might need options on stocks to hedge risk, if you're a fund manager. That way you can focus on long-run investing.
by Abu Yahya April 04, 2010
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A more vague term than crush, meaning you feel more indifferent about that person. However you wouldn't mind dating them.

* Can be derogatory when used in the right context.
Male A : Man I love passing in highschool, cause there's just so many options that walk by!
Male B : Word up man! Every 5 one of them's a banging chick.

Female A : Wow, look at Johnny over there, isn't he just dreamy? 8)

Female B : Oh please Bertha, your not even an option for him. >_>

Female A : OH HELLZ NO, you did not just say that!
by XfBiM November 06, 2009
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When a guy is banging some chick from behind, then he pitches her back to a friend, who then takes it to the house.
Last night, my buddy and I ran the option on your mom.
by Jen Hasel April 03, 2008
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shit don't work...
i don't wanna be an option, but i dont want to be a priority either
by tn06 September 02, 2008
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