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1. A term used to describe sensations, images, or experiences that trigger a traumatic memory. Related to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
1. I was psychologically scarred watching my best friend get shot in the head as a young teen. That scene in the movie where they shot the hostages triggered unpleasant memories, and I felt myself reliving those horrible experiences again.
by Megglers April 02, 2013
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A strong emotional reaction set off by a set of words or image that reminds a person of a traumatic event. Used often in the Self Injury community to describe something that may cause a person to relapse into a cutting, bullimic, or other self injuring state.
That poem mentions rape and self mutilation. It could trigger.
by PerfectlyInsane90 October 06, 2008
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A topic, phrase or word that emotionally sets someone off. Could refer to anger, or reliving a traumatic experience. Sometimes this is logical, other times it seems like an attention grab. It is fairly common for certain communities on, for example, Livejournal to be overly sensitive to people's 'triggers' (often but not always relating to sexual assault)--any mention of violence may be censored.
(1) Man, I know I shouldn't have gone off on Eric that way, but that racist joke he made triggered me big time and I flipped my shit.

(2) I got kicked off that livejournal group for not lj-cutting my post talking about the rape scene in the movie I watched last night. Some girl said it triggered her and the mods were on her side.

by AllisonLinn July 10, 2008
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A word used often by idiots on Tumblr to justify their bitchy attitudes, most of whom don't know what a real traumatic experience is.
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Trigger. Noun. 1. A small device that releases a spring or catch and so sets off a mechanism, especially in order to fire a gun.
2. Something which causes debilitating flashbacks, intense emotional and physical reactions, and even hallucinations in individuals suffering from PTSD. These can sometimes require emergency medical response and hospitalization. Those suffering from PTSD generally get treated through CBT and DBT to better function in society and live more normal lives.
3. Tumblr's synonym for "Anger" and "Annoyance". Tumblr is a place where people pretend to suffer from PTSD and other mental disorders and then claim to be "triggered" by things such as free speech, responsibilities, criticism, and reality.
Hey Dave! Could you take a look at my rifle? The trigger is jamming and I am no good repairing things like that.

Our neighbor Bob is a veteran, so we respectfully decline to shoot any fireworks on July 4th. He watched several of his lifelong friends die and is partially deaf from an explosion. Hearing anything that sounds like bombardment is a trigger for the poor guy.

Anita was triggered by a post online about the health benefits of sex which only mentioned heterosexual and homosexual sex, making no reference to cross-species intercourse. Because xe considers xerself a badger-kin, xe felt discriminated against and decided to rant about it on Tumblr.
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by R@D October 20, 2016
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