A poop that, upon entering the toilet, sticks to the bowl and stands up straight, with approximately 2/3 of the log out of the water. This causes a horrendous odor. It is resistant to multiple flushes.
I think Brian tree stumped our toilet again. Someone go knock that thing down and flush it so our bathroom doesn't smell like crap.
by funnyhahafunny March 24, 2011
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a fucking stump made out of a tree, dude.
i like that tree stump.
by tree stump 007 October 16, 2018
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nickname for a man with a penis that is smaller than the length of his thumb.
George Bush is a tree stump.
by zack December 3, 2004
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One who has such an emensly huge "chode"(or short fat penis) that the cock is so short and fat that it could be mistaken for a tree stump.
"hey dude that girl over there wnats know how big your dig is, no joke." "Rilly?" Well it's about this long and this fat......."EWWW DUDE YOU HAVE FUCKIN' TREE STUMP?!?!?!!?"
by Max C May 6, 2005
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A person equivalent to a stick in the mud thats only purpose is to be an impediment to forward movement
Marjorie Taylor-Greene is a Tree Stump
by Denny80222 April 5, 2021
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lisa: i was with that guy last night.
Leanne: oh yeah, what happened?
Lisa: not much he had a tree stump!
by chris909 February 17, 2009
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When you suck is dick outside then right before you finish you kick that bitch into a tree and then cum on her face.
hey bae! you wanna try tree stump.
by cornhub123 September 4, 2020
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