One of the most caring guys you will ever come across. Has a tendency to be quiet and solitary, though once you get to know him you'll find that he's quite the opposite. Normally has brown hair and brown eyes. Has a hot body. Once you find one, don't let him go. You'll find yourself falling for him almost as soon as you meet him. Has a breathtaking smile and an intoxicating laugh and will have you breathless at just one word. He's the kind of guy who's in it for the long run so don't mess with him or his heart. He's a true gentleman and as soon as you land yourself a Nathan all of your friends are bound to be jealous.
Girl 1: I've only known him for a week and yet I think I'm falling for him.
Girl 2: No wonder, he is a Nathan after all.
by thegirlwiththebrokensmile January 9, 2011
The cutest boyfriend in the world. Knows how to make a girl smile, and gives her butterflies every time she sees him. Has a smile that lightens up the room and a laugh that drives you crazy. Has a sexy body yet no abs, BUT! has an ass that can never be forgotten. Nathan is a gentleman and is very intelligent. He has very high and model-like cheekbones and is very tall. Nathan is great in bed... I mean great! & knows how to make a girl feel special. Nathans are hard to resist!
Girl 1, "Damn look at that sexy boy walking boy".
Girl 2, "He must be a Nathan!"
by djkpard April 8, 2012
I don't know many Nathan's, but the one I know is amazing. He can make anyone laugh and his smile is amazing. He's a trustworthy guy and will talk about almost anything without getting bored.
He may be called "weird" and people may not like him to much, but he's truly amazing. It seems he can gain someones trust before the person knows it.

He's normally pretty sporty, and may enjoy basketball. The Nathan I know is truly amazing at basketball.

Nathan's are funny and usually very confident.

The Nathan I know is the first guy, no, person, I've liked in this way.

His smile kills me, and his laugh is beautiful. He always looks amazing without even trying.
Girl 1: I like this guy..

Girl 2: Nathan?

Girl 1: Yea..

Girl 2: KNEW IT!
by Hailey <3 January 27, 2019
The offspring of Poseidon and the Big Kitty; the only thing dumber than challenging a Nathan to disc golf is requesting lethal injection for breakfast. Most famous for out-bombing a Stealth Bomber in the Cold War, a Nathan is capable of bleeding Napalm and igniting if not attack a Nathan.
Person 1: "Is that a Saturn missile?"
Person 2: "Nah, that's some guy that just took a direct Nathan uppercut."
by Small Paws December 23, 2010
An amazing guy who you will crave to be around. With blonde hair and ocean blue eyes, you won’t be able to help but fall for him. Once he steps foot into your life, you’ll never want him to leave. He can kick ass when necessary but in the end, he’s the sweetest, hottest, funniest, most caring guy that you will ever meet. If he comes into your life, don’t let him go.
If you get a Nathan in your life, hold him tight and never let him go. Remember that he has needs too. Give him your time, lay his head in your lap for once, stroke HIS hair, and tell him you love him. Guys need those things too.
by PrincessConsuela-BananaHammock November 30, 2018
Oh, wow. Nathan, the guy Megan's dating, is a goober.
by user8200178234 April 21, 2020