Nathan is an amazing guy. He is sweet, kind, caring, and actually really funny. You'll never find any type of guy like him bcuz they are one of a kind. If you have a Nathan is your life never ever let them go. Nathan is really really caring and they will do anything for his loved ones. If you're his girlfriend you are truly blessed. Just to be his friend is lucky.
Girl:Well uhh....I like this guy...
BFF:Is it Nathan?
by ShipsAreDaBest!😂💕 April 20, 2019
Literally the most caring person in the whole wide world. He's super sweet, but can sometimes be an asshole. But literally, all the time he's soooo nice, and puts you in front of him. He's a caring person, who barely cares about himself.
by Bester Bitch April 20, 2019
oh daddy harder nathan this guy is a as strong as himself he is a total chad and he is a gamer playing on his phone every day
"Nathan" harder faster
by Amirthew HausDonald March 22, 2021
The Most Kind, Loving, Sweet, And Amazing Guy You’ll Ever Meet. He Deserves The World.
I’m So Lucky To Have You Nathan. I Love You.

I Wanna Marry You One Day, Nathan.
by Danyelle5703 February 24, 2018
Nathan is a male name historically given to the favorite child of a typical American home. Otherwise parents name their children stupid shit like Joseph. Parents who name their favorite child Nathan instead of Joseph get it, they simply get it and have already proven that they are great parents. Their sons will grow up to turn into Nathan’s, and not Josephs.
A Parents: I like that handsome little 7.5 pound baby, we’ll call him Nathan.

B Parents: I like that handsome little 7.5 pound baby, we’ll call him Joseph. Now that that is taken care of, lets go set fire to a nursing home.

You see, there is a difference between parents A and parents B.
by JerseyShore69 April 22, 2020
One of the most caring guys you will ever come across. Has a tendency to be quiet and solitary, though once you get to know him you'll find that he's quite the opposite. Normally has brown hair and brown eyes. Has a hot body. Once you find one, don't let him go. You'll find yourself falling for him almost as soon as you meet him. Has a breathtaking smile and an intoxicating laugh and will have you breathless at just one word. He's the kind of guy who's in it for the long run so don't mess with him or his heart. He's a true gentleman and as soon as you land yourself a Nathan all of your friends are bound to be jealous.
Girl 1: I've only known him for a week and yet I think I'm falling for him.
Girl 2: No wonder, he is a Nathan after all.
by thegirlwiththebrokensmile January 9, 2011
The cutest boyfriend in the world. Knows how to make a girl smile, and gives her butterflies every time she sees him. Has a smile that lightens up the room and a laugh that drives you crazy. Has a sexy body yet no abs, BUT! has an ass that can never be forgotten. Nathan is a gentleman and is very intelligent. He has very high and model-like cheekbones and is very tall. Nathan is great in bed... I mean great! & knows how to make a girl feel special. Nathans are hard to resist!
Girl 1, "Damn look at that sexy boy walking boy".
Girl 2, "He must be a Nathan!"
by djkpard April 8, 2012