tall cute italian who likes to think that he is semi-fluent in spanish and, at times, uses it in a "ghetto" dialect. goobers are notorious for their need to be taken care of by their swipers. Many are known to be execssive movie "buffs" and are, suprisingly, romantics at heart.
Did that dude really just hit that tree?....yah, he's definitely a goober. I sure hope he has a swiper to take care of him!
by DaSwiper January 15, 2011
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political systems with their heads in the sand and/or not to be trusted. Slang term for Government being Gooberment.
by Phreeradical January 2, 2012
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someone who is an utter fool but somehow you’re in love with everything about them
by Chrissizzle November 16, 2021
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noun, a term of affection for a lovable, silly, lighthearted person. Always easy to poke fun at without actually meaning harm.
Person 1: Daisy is such a goober.
Person 2: But that is why we all love her.
by Goobcity January 18, 2015
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