An expression used in response to a surprising situation. Sometimes believed to be sexual.
"Those two were hooking up in the basement."
"Oh daddy!"
by JCas9 August 19, 2011
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Oh Daddy is used when a girl is getting her pussy bombarded with a load of FAT dick.
by ohdbajfjsnvn November 19, 2019
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When your with your daddy (any kind) and he sharts
Daddy: *sharts*

Her:Oh daddy poo! What a big one you got there
by Funky.Chunky.Monkey December 18, 2019
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Daddie does his best to not spank his children but alas they are too naughty.
Has a big wang and loves to let everyone know as he measures it.
Wow Daddie oh Daddie, please spank me with your big wang.
by Wild Aussie February 3, 2021
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bro did you here how trey said," Oh Daddy Yes"
by hiilikepeanutdoodleshrines February 9, 2021
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When a man shoves his massive dick really far into a girls pussy and she yells "Oh daddy push Haaaaarder
Oh daddy push Haaaaarder and give me more fucking cream. my pussy is hungry
by Jordanlake432 August 10, 2021
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