Usually a political tragic or rusted on who believes and compulsively retweets and repeats obviously ridiculous partisan talking points and idiotic conspiracy theories on twitter or other social media like useful idiots. A broken does this compulsively and will cause their friends and relatives to shun them bc they have something missing in their lives or are somehow broken in some way
He 's a broken, retweeted that MAGA conspiracy theory even though it's easily disproven by a couple of google searches, but he wont let go, he's broken
by Bokobouy June 18, 2023
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1. Characterizing game mechanics or objects that are so powerful that they trivialize game content or become the only desirable items or mechanics for a player to use.
2. Describing any combination of character class mechanics and equipment which is too difficult or impossible for skilled players to reliably counter in player vs player combat.
Rogue stunlock chains were broken so Blizzard changed the mechanics.
by Ba Rum Ba Dum Dum September 20, 2011
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Wait, you are telling me to buy a "broken mug"?
This is scam
by Pseudohacker March 1, 2021
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Dead inside.
torn apart
you lost everything.
Katie: What's wrong?

Angelica: Nothing,Just broken.
by JoCkAhSixxOne June 23, 2009
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In pieces, hurt but stronger than before.Broken people are the most beautiful,interesting people. Love the broken people in your life and cherish them.Don't try to fix them,let them heal.
She is broken but beautiful and I love her just the way she is.
by Nevaehlover2004 February 9, 2017
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1. (General) Something/Someone that is so good in a particular context that it eclipses saecond place.

2. (Games) A game object or facility that is too good to exist. It is so powerful that it is unbalancing and hence breaks the game. Every winning player has to use this to be competitive.

Entymology: The power cards from Magic The Gathering (Black Lotus, Time Walk, Ancestral Recall, all Moxen, etc) were so powerful and unbalancing that they were eventually banned from tournament play because they BROKE the game.
Bobby Fisher is a completely broken chess player.

by Anonymous April 22, 2003
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The state of an object in which it is in pieces and no longer in its whole form. Most of the times when an object is broken, it cannot function properly anymore (example: a vase that has been dropped on the floor and is now shattered).

A common belief exists around the world that broken things need to be fixed. Sometimes, they can't (or won't) comprehend that some broken things cannot, or should not be fixed.

Some broken objects are only bothered to be fixed, because the fixer believes that some good will come out of it being functionable again.

Not just physical things can break. Non-tangent things like a person's resolve can end up broken after a traumatic event (i.e. my heart).
Is it possible to die of a broken heart? I've always wondered.
by oh dear, I'm nothing to you. November 9, 2017
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