When someone keeps talking to you and keeps bringing up new topics when you want to leave, usually a one-sided conversation.
The person talking to you is preventing you from taking any action.
I couldn't leave the call, Sophia was stunlocking me!
by Oordeel October 24, 2020
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The art of chaining up stun abilities, often in an mmorpg, in order to completely prevent an oponent from using any actions
I couldn't do anything! He had me stunlocked for the whole fight
by Richard T May 20, 2005
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A form of slang for a state of bewilderment that leaves someone entirely speechless, taken from video games as a state of being temporarily unresponsive to control.
Person A: Did you hear about that new album from Rapper A’s collab with Rapper B deliberately talking about being cheated on?
Person B: Wha- it- …Thanks for the stunlock, jeez.
by BurritoBoi With An I December 30, 2022
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In the MMORPG World of Warcarft, Stunlock is a way to beat your opponents by keeping them under your stuns a whole fight, a stunlock.
an example of a stunlock combo
Cheapshot->Sinister strike->Kidney shot, blind, restelth, cheapshot, SinisterStrike, kidneyshot
Why didn't the rogue stunlock me
by Nicholas Smith November 1, 2006
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