Fisher is a guy who can either be your happiest dream or greatest nightmare. He has a very rough outside, but once he lets you in you've got a friend for life. He's been through alot so he isn't one to hand out second chances, so if you screw up be prepared to work for his trust again. He's strong and protective, so you'll always feel safe and know that he's got your back. He's incredibly sexy and good looking, and loves to try new things in bed. He'll say things that make your heart either skip a beat or break in an instant, depending on whether you've earned your way to his good side or bad side. He's loyal to his friends and family but he withdraws to avoid getting hurt. With time and effort, Fisher can be everything you want.
Man, did you see that guy?

Yeah, he's a total Fisher!
by fuzzypeach42 June 29, 2011
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° A person of constant thirst.
° Shameless
° Persistent
° Never stops trying to seek out attention by constantly irritating the fuck out of the victim.
Fisher - Even when the person is clearly not interested, the 'Fisher' continues to annoy them with questions, compliments, and constant annoyance.

° Someone who doesn't stop trying to hit on someone when clearly they are creeped out by them.

° Pre-teens who don't stop trying.

° "Jeez, I can't believe that cougar won't stop fishing on me with those cheesy ass compliments."

° "Omg , I hope we don't get fished on at the bar."
by YourGirlHere June 25, 2015
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Fisher is an extremely intelligent, yet witty guy. He has a great sense of adventure and loves to explore. He also has a knack for science and engineering. He has an enormous cock, a great taste in music, and has been known to rap. His sex appeal is so radiant that eye contact with a female will immediately result with her getting wet. Fisher also likely has some disease, like Diabetes.
"Look at that guy, he's such a Fisher!"
by Nijinsky January 16, 2020
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He is the best boyfriend or friend you will ever have. He is a good kisser. He is cute, funny, sweet, hot and sexy. He is your best friend forever. He can make you the happy person in the world. If you find a fisher never let him go. If you are sad he will make your day.
Fisher: hey what’s up

Girl: I love you!!!
Girl: sorry
Fisher: it’s ok I love you too
by Hope727 May 10, 2019
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That tool of a guy who asks if you're doing something, but he never follows through with a date. He fishes to see if you're interested in him for an ego boost.
Girl 1: "John just asked if I'm free Friday or Saturday!"
Girl 2: "Oh, that's not going anywhere...He's a fisher."
by Kauâne December 9, 2013
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Someone who has more chromosomes than you or i, (the 21st one to be exact) and makes extremely random noises at extremely random times, for example his toung snap.
(His toung snap/click thing is approximately 1454.8 to the 15th power decibals)
Me: Hey, Fisher
Fisher: **SNAP**
Me: Dude, you've got an extra chromosome!!
Fisher: MEOW!!!
by Idont Havedowns January 29, 2005
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