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Fisher is a guy who can either be your happiest dream or greatest nightmare. He has a very rough outside, but once he lets you in you've got a friend for life. He's been through alot so he isn't one to hand out second chances, so if you screw up be prepared to work for his trust again. He's strong and protective, so you'll always feel safe and know that he's got your back. He's incredibly sexy and good looking, and loves to try new things in bed. He'll say things that make your heart either skip a beat or break in an instant, depending on whether you've earned your way to his good side or bad side. He's loyal to his friends and family but he withdraws to avoid getting hurt. With time and effort, Fisher can be everything you want.
Man, did you see that guy?

Yeah, he's a total Fisher!
by fuzzypeach42 June 29, 2011
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a big, strong, sexy, long haired male. usually is pirate like and eats rocks for breakfast then shits out gunpowder.
damn david beckham, you are quite the fisher.
by mike fisher May 13, 2004
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A fast growing “town” in Hamilton County, Indiana with a population of some 66,000 in 2007 and a nice, upper middle-class suburb of Indianapolis. Many Hoosiers mistakingly believe Fishers and its neighbor, Carmel are rich and envy their residents for some reason. It is no doubt a very nice and growing community, but the truth is that there are tons of similar-sized communities around the country with way more money than Fishers could ever dream about, making it only an upper middle-class community. It’s not even the richest community in the Midwest by a long shot. I have lived in Indiana most of my life and don't undertsand all the animosity towards Fishers and its neighbor of Carmel.
Hoosiers have no reason to be envious of Fishers because it is only an upper middle-class community. Many Hoosiers including the other yahoo on here posting derogatory definitions of Fishers are jealous of its perceived wealth because they have no life of their own, but yet enough time on their hands to insult those who have worked for a living to obtain what they have. How jealous and childish. If your life sucks, then change it.
by krock1dk March 27, 2008
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A fisher is a person, often a female, who constantly seeks out, or "fishes," for compliments. They often wish for reassurance and therefore say the opposite of what is typically blatantly obvious in order to make the person they are fishing from feel badly, and then console the person and compliment them. The fisher will say, "Really?" as if they don't already know, and then feel better about themselves. It's a silly ego-booster tactic, but can be found absolutely anywhere, and you probably have done it at some point.
Girl 1: "Karen keeps telling me how fat she is. Is she aware that she's emaciated?"
Girl 2: "She's just fishing. Next time, tell her she looks like she's packed on a few pounds."

Boy: "I have no friends."
Girl: "Aww, yes you do! You have me and Chloe and Manda and Ryan and..."
Boy: "Really? They like me?"
Girl: "Stop being such a fucking fisher."
by Sameurysm August 17, 2007
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A person (usually female) saying how much people hate her or how ugly she is to another person (typically male) in order to receive compliments
Kelly: (to cory) ew I'm so ugly
Vanessa: stop being such a fisher..
by yellanigga December 14, 2013
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A much larger version of the Marten or Sable. This animal belongs to the weasel family, and, as such, is related to ferrets, minks, otters and wolverines. It eats squirrels, rabbits, porcupines (a favorite) and even its smaller cousin, the Marten. Have been known to kill bobcats and lynx.
Then fisher, like the badger and the wolverine, is one BADASS animal. They kill porcupines by grabbing them by the nose and flipping them over onto their back. Then they slice open their stomachs and EAT!
by Marten Fisher July 26, 2006
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