an asshole that is such an asshole that calling him an asshole in the correct grammatical context is a disservice to the word asshole.
"that fucking young republican asshole gave the long speech at the neo-con rally on how being gay is a immoral, 100% choice and punishable by eternal damnation then.... we saw him at the nazi meth dealer's house playing dong-hider with guido-mike's hiv shooter."

"that young republican is A Asshole"
by stu in the zoo February 11, 2008
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some one who is a lying asshole
lying to me only makes you an asshole's asshole.
by ashley1615 August 20, 2007
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Someone who is such an asshole, that other assholes look at them and say "...Now THAT GUY'S an asshole!"
Rob? Man, he's not an asshole. He's an asshole's asshole.
by Hofstra90 September 04, 2019
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A disease in which a teenager regresses in a fit of narcissism, self-centeredness, and egocentrism, refusing to be accountable to own behavior, projecting anger, rage, and immaturity throughout the world, with a sprinkling of ass-holeishness.
A person with assholeitis may display: Screaming in parents' face, in a high pitched, screeching, nonsensical grandiose way, in an attempt to be re-breastfed. A person with assholeitis will also display pervasive denial. (Seek attention from perturbed, tired, teenage peers.)
by RESCU May 13, 2009
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(N).saying shit to someone without thinking of how they will be effected by it
Saying happy Mother's Day to a shop teacher and forgetting that his mom died a month ago. You Have assholism
by Dogs odors May 09, 2016
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A person who is intentionally cruel, obnoxious and heartless. Assholes are most often male. A female who follows these traits is referred to as a bitch. Assholes can take any form. Knowing this allows you to spot assholes at any time or place.

Be warned that an asshole is not synonymous for douchebag. A genuine asshole is the lethal combination of intelligence and arrogance. Assholes will attempt to humiliate you, and unfortunately, they generally succeed due to their intelligence. Douchebags, on the other hand, consist of only arrogance. They only think they are smart. Douchebags do not know they are douchebags because of their extreme egotistic tendencies. However, the asshole will always know they are an asshole.

Though the appearance of assholes does not follow a stereotype, behavior does. Assholes tend to:
-Smirk. A lot.
-Argue for the sake of arguing.
-Laugh when they win an argument.
-Never let you hear the end of the argument they won.
-Participate in arguments they know they are not going to win.
-Not stop arguing until you give up because there's no point in arguing anymore even though you know you won.
-Associate your giving up with their victory.
-Point out every flaw your argument has, regardless of the subject. All the asshole cares about is making people look stupid.
-Physically push you around to get under your skin.
-Ambiguously answer your questions.
-Deny that they are assholes out loud.
"Wow. Max just argued unintelligently with me for an hour and a half and he thinks he won."
"Jeez, what an asshole."
by darthdragongirl May 03, 2013
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1. To be overbearing, to force your opinion others.
2. To be an asshole, everywhere.
3. to be rude, annoying and obnoxious.
He was assholing is way into our conversation, when we did not want him there or care about this asshole's opinion.
by Anon-in-Il-agin March 23, 2008
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