How has it taken me so long to see..
937.. 2 parts you.. and 1 part me.

Your faith is unbreakable.

Makes me admire you even more.

No more fear, I want you to relax.
This is in my hands now.. I promise.

It's time you saw the love I've held back..

I knew the instant I saw you.
It's only got stronger with time..
My heart wants nothing but you,
And I know that you want mine.

I can't describe this intertwining of souls..
Other than to assume we've both been here before.

I see in you, things I've never dreamt of..
So please.. never worry about us again.

I've got you.. I swear,
Wherever you are,

Whatever the weather..

We can face anything together.

I need you.. in my arms..

Sat next to me..
Singing to your heart's content..
Your perfect hand wrapped in mine..
Destiny.. hmm.. so this is what they meant.

If somehow.. I'm wrong..

I guess.. my heart will wait again

As much as that thought breaks me..
Id have no choice.. you.. are my twin flame.
There is NO OTHER that could slake me.

937.. a glimpse of your future.. if you feel ready to take it.

I do.
by 4_u July 28, 2023
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I wish upon the shining star
I don’t want to be afar.
It reminds me this love is bizarre.
And I need to be a patient all star.

We are blessed
With the best
A love that will never rest
I can surely attest.

Even though something’s aren’t ideal
I know our love is real.
That day will come, and we will reveal

All that we have had to conceal.

For this day, I wait
To finally have the date
Where you become my mate.
This will beyond great!!
Always loving you!
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this love, our connection

When we can finally feel the physical affection …

In your arms,

I close my eyes and can feel it… our embrace, our love, my heart begins to dance in anticipation

How I dream… of this day!!

To whisper I love you!!!
To be held by you!!
Our hearts already have their dance

And are waiting for their chance:)
937 is always having faith in the happily ever after with your ONE
… which mine is YOU!!!
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My biggest fears are never being able to experience being in your arms, never having this amazing love and connection come to fruition, never being able to look you in the eyes and say I love you always.
937 is always fighting to overcome fears… even until your last breath.

I will always believe, have hope, have faith and love for you … always
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I partied in the 937 last night and that shit was hot
by K-SWAT September 12, 2006
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If someone trips and falls, you are obligated to laugh or wheeze before helping them.
Guy 1: *trips down stairs*
Guy 1: “Seriously?”
Guy 2: “Seriously though, u ok?”
by HelloImDavid June 22, 2023
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