that inhalation on your doomsday before you heart finally stops beating
Raven: then you know what I'm here for?
Death: ...but they're mine now, once they took their last breath, I'm a soul collector baby I'm Death
by griim_reeaper May 24, 2017
undertale au where sans legit can't die and stay alive until AU starts colliding and helping sans
haha funni last breath, last breath phase (insert phase number)
by FaDe AWAY Yt June 17, 2021
Used often to describe fan games adding more (and often very unnecessary) phases to an otherwise finished boss fight. Derived from the Undertale fan game, "Last Breath", in which its sub-community makes absurd amounts of fan made phases that exaggerate sans' durability and endurance to the point that it is a joke.
"Dude lets make vs tricky phases 5 and 6."
"Ever heard of Last Breath Syndrome?"
"Search it up."
by NeroWasHere July 18, 2021
it is basically the undertale sans fight but 10000 times more hell
Person 1: Hey have you finished the sans fight
Person: No, but I have finished Undertale last breath
by reaper sanesss December 28, 2021