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1. A groundbreaking film by stanley kupbrick in which jack nickolson's family is terrorized by a host of spirits and bad omens which posess a hotel and it's inhabitants.
2. A shitty horror movie that ur lifelong friend gets fingered to while you watch in horror.
3. The reflection of the wet tip of a flacid penis
1. The shining was pretty good i guess i liked the part were jack nikellsunn fucked that rotten lady
2. she's getting the shining right next to me
3. i was almost blinded by his shining
by pussay October 26, 2004
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A great book by Stephen King, but about 95% of the assholes who have only seen the movie don't have a damned clue that Stephen King wrote the book, let alone the fact that it was based on a book.

In the book, the dad doesn't kill Hallorann (the black cook), Hallorann escapes with the mom and her son Danny, and the dad dies in an explosion inside the building. There is no scene with the trycicle and the two girls, nor is there a "Here's Johnny!" scene. Get over it.
Jane thought she knew everything until she realized that The Shining was a way better book than it was a movie.
by Morbidia May 29, 2005
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