You misspelled burr or bruh, didn't you?
Bob: Burh
Rob: You mean bruh?
Bob: Sorry i mean burr.
by HypnoticOcelot September 23, 2019
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word burh means bruh but in a bryan way
bryan : burh
by burh, ig September 7, 2020
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burh means bruh in a byan way :)
bryan: burh

by bryan make the word burh September 7, 2020
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Burh is used when someting that is not serious or not funny.
Burh you really think its that funny?
by Accidental Genius February 1, 2021
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This is how IShowSpeed spells bruh.
IShowSpeed: You mean burh, you mean burh, you mean as fuck on burh you mean burh. You mean man you a bully man that's not cool burh.
by cartoon guy June 26, 2022
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1.) a term used to hype up a crowd, especially one that enjoys listening to Gucci Mane
2.) describes an individual who is "iced out" with diamonds, gold, etc.
"Yo fam, yo chain lookin fresh as Gucci's...Burh!"
by cgshort October 24, 2014
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Burh is a dutch minecraft player who's fucking nuts at 1.8. If you see him on mineberry, you'll get fucked tby him
Burh is so good wtf
by kayarama September 6, 2022
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