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the suburbs and peripheral regions of france, most being composed of rows of shitty housing projects (as opposed to the big, rich mansions usually found in suburban america). population mostly made of immigrants from africa (arab and black), and some (the "banleieues" of Paris, Lyons, and Marseille, especially) are considered as dangerous as some of the united states' worst ghettos. it's inhabitants tend to think that the state of France is racist (and most are right), and that put them in these harsh living conditions away from the cities, to keep them well away from the white "pure" population; the result is a younger generation driven by hatred to destroy France, to piss off its inhabitants, but it snowballed and now they're killing each other as well as the French. it has, however, given us french rap, which has to be the sweetest thing ever (see: Sinik, Sniper, ATK, NTM, Booba, Rim-K, 113, Mafia K1fry)
The banlieues of france are fucking ghetto...
by Max April 15, 2005
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