Simultaneous oral sex. Can be practised by M+M, M+F or F+F.

The reference is that the numerals 6 and 9 are inverted versions of each other, reflecting the physical position that the couple must adopt when engaged in this sexual practice.
The two girls were in a 69, licking each other's pussies.
by starflier December 08, 2003
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a sexual position when a man sucks on a woman's pussy and the woman gives the man a blowjob at the same time. P.S. it's also extremely hot.
I just did a 69 with my girlfriend last night and it was so hot.
by Etan Me January 02, 2018
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When A guy and girl lick each other's privates at the same time
Chad jumped into Kiersten's soft bed and put her in a 69 that lasted all night long!
by SlopNChop December 18, 2016
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a) A number that looks the same when rotated through an angle of 180 degrees.
b) The only number whose square and cube between them use all the digits 0 to 9: 69² = 4761 and 69³ = 328,509.
c) 69 = 1892 ÷ 473 + 65—the digits 1 to 9 appear on the right of the equation.
69 is the record number of children born to a Russian woman—she had 27 pregnancies all of which produced more than one baby: 16 pairs of twins (32), 7 sets of triplets (21), and 4 sets of quadruplets (16).
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by MathPlus February 04, 2017
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A session of 69 which is interrupted by the woman having a period.
that bitch was all 6.9 up in my face you know?
by BuddhaBuddy March 20, 2004
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