The number that falls between 68 and 70 having absolutely no relation with anything sexual in any way.
John: Dude, me and Cindy totally 69'd last night!
Frank: You mean....
John: Yeah dude! We even took turns!
Frank: WHAAA?
John: Yeah, y'know. I say one, she says two.. AND SO ON! :D
Frank: ....Oh.... :D
by Dennis Westower April 30, 2011
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The number between 68 and 70
Harold is 69 today. yesterday he was still 68
by Imapunkrockchick February 14, 2011
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Noun: the number between 68 and 70
Noun: a sex position
Verb: having sex in that sex position
What is 23 x 3
by RainySimp July 2, 2022
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Atomic number 69
Group, block group n/a, f-block
Period period 6
Element category lanthanide
Standard atomic weight (±) (Ar) 168.93422(2)1
Electron configuration Xe 4f13 6s2
per shell
2, 8, 18, 31, 8, 2
Physical properties
Phase solid
Melting point 1818 K (1545 °C, 2813 °F)
Boiling point 2223 K (1950 °C, 3542 °F)
Density near r.t. 9.32 g/cm3
when liquid, at m.p. 8.56 g/cm3
Heat of fusion 16.84 kJ/mol
Heat of vaporization 191 kJ/mol
Molar heat capacity 27.03 J/(mol·K)
vapor pressure
P (Pa) 1 10 100 1 k 10 k 100 k
at T (K) 1117 1235 1381 1570 (1821) (2217)
Atomic properties
Oxidation states 2, 3 (a basic oxide)
Electronegativity Pauling scale: 1.25
Ionization energies 1st: 596.7 kJ/mol
2nd: 1160 kJ/mol
3rd: 2285 kJ/mol
Atomic radius empirical: 176 pm
Covalent radius 190±10 pm
Crystal structure hexagonal close-packed (hcp) Hexagonal close packed crystal structure for thulium
Thermal expansion poly: 13.3 µm/(m·K) (at r.t.)
Thermal conductivity 16.9 W/(m·K)
Electrical resistivity poly: 676 nΩ·m (at r.t.)
Magnetic ordering paramagnetic (at 300 K)
Young's modulus 74.0 GPa
Shear modulus 30.5 GPa
Bulk modulus 44.5 GPa
Poisson ratio 0.213
Vickers hardness 470–650 MPa
Brinell hardness 470–900 MPa
CAS Number 7440-30-4
Naming after Thule, a mythical region in Scandinavia
Discovery and first isolation Per Teodor Cleve (1879)
My Thulium dissolved into a dilute sulfuric acid last night, While I was studying the 69 electrons surrounding the nucleus.
by S.C.S.C.S.C.S.Cena March 8, 2016
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Oral Sex Where The Male Licks The Females Vagina and the Female Licks The Males Dong
(Jake) “Yo the craziest thing happened to me last night”
(Frank) “What Happened!?!?”
(Jake) “You didn’t hear about it? Me and my girlfriend turned 69”
(Frank) “OMG I’m so jealous.”
by Eeeehhhhhh September 22, 2019
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It's not just any number....
It's a sexual intercourse position where one(mostly male) licks the female vagina and the other one (mostly female) sucks the male dick for pleasure while female being on top of male or vice-versa.
It's often used to slip into conversations to hint about sexual intercourse.
Male: I guess it'll be 69 today (hinting)
Female : (blushes) I guess so

Let's do it 69. I like it
by Anonymous nymomynous August 31, 2018
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