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Oral Sex Where The Male Licks The Females Vagina and the Female Licks The Males Dong
(Jake) “Yo the craziest thing happened to me last night”
(Frank) “What Happened!?!?”
(Jake) “You didn’t hear about it? Me and my girlfriend turned 69”
(Frank) “OMG I’m so jealous.”
by Eeeehhhhhh September 22, 2019

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What you say when your girlfriend bashes your head against the wall while you humping her at 5 in the morning.
by Eeeehhhhhh September 24, 2019

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Logan is a smart person who doesn’t use their talent. They’ve made out a few times and had a few girlfriends. He likes a lot of girls but barely ever tells any of them. He’s probably had 5 different girlfriends. His dick is tiny, he’s only had sex once. But he’s hilarious, he has really edgy jokes but damn are they funny. He’s only made out like 10 times but he’s good at it. He’s white and says racist things non intentionally. he’s straight too
(You). Hi Logan
(Logan) Sup Faget..........
(You) ?
(Logan) KiLL yourself cunt
by Eeeehhhhhh September 24, 2019

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