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It's not just any number....
It's a sexual intercourse position where one(mostly male) licks the female vagina and the other one (mostly female) sucks the male dick for pleasure while female being on top of male or vice-versa.
It's often used to slip into conversations to hint about sexual intercourse.
Male: I guess it'll be 69 today (hinting)
Female : (blushes) I guess so

Let's do it 69. I like it
by Anonymous nymomynous August 31, 2018
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A person assigned to assassinate someone.
He's the best at his job and works covert. Highly skilled and trained with weaponry and a killing machine.

Agent: We need to set up a boogeyman to take him out.
Other guy: Yeah only he can do it now
by Anonymous nymomynous January 2, 2019
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Mostly a Asian boy with great sense of humour. Always enthusiastic and doesn't give a fuck to the world. Artistic nature and great imagination and creativity. Outdoors are preferred and playing sports is life. Intelligent and attractive. Got great cooking skills too !
Oh my god ... Look he's Sumedh
Mom : u really need to be more like Sumedh
Me: I am trying my best mom
by Anonymous nymomynous August 31, 2018
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SMM abbreviates to "So Much More".
Usually used in online conversations and chats.
You use it when you wanna tell about more related stuff.
Me: Hey Cindy, I heard you like to paint.
Cindy: Yeah I like to paint and sketch and (smm).
by Anonymous nymomynous June 7, 2019
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