The lamest number other than 70
Ur mom: I got a 68%!
Joe: *dies*
Ligma: *dies*
Candice: Fuk *slowly dies*
No u: W h y *suffers*
by Lmao I'm a fag June 4, 2021
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Sex Position where the guy receives a blowjob and then goes to sleep.
Girl: OK now do me
Guy: Nah babe, I cba. We'll call it a 68 and I'll owe you one
by Wordplay>Foreplay January 29, 2021
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a secret Code of wanting Dick and ass
Ayo can i have that 68 it looks hot let me suck it ;)
by Dypsy July 30, 2021
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when you do the 69 but with a negative 1
oh man i did a 68 not a 69
by Jamie5353 April 1, 2020
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Person one: Dude I just had amazing 68 1/2 with tracy last night
by Spaceracer69 November 24, 2021
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A 68 Stand is where a guy stands up and receives oral and he owes her one. It's like a 69 but one less...and performed on him while he's standing.
Sonia got arrested for giving Rich a 68 Stand while he was in line at the atm.
by Antonius Magnus December 13, 2018
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