A brilliant drinking game, in which a player chooses a card from a deck...if the card is not a 6 or an 8, then he/she must take a shot. If the player draws a 6 or an 8 then everyone else must take double shots.
Yo dawg we just played 68 Drink and now we're ready to hit up the club!
by The Jaeger January 7, 2009
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A sexual position the female lays with her back on the males stomach with her legs open, the male can then eat pussy also leaves his hands free to play with her breasts so called a 68 as it is not quite a 69.
I would love to 68 position her & eat her & pussy all night long .
by Wacker19 January 28, 2018
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When the male request oral stimulation from the female....and she ask for reciprocation the male states you do me and I owe you one later.

Guy: So Becky how bout a little head before dinner

Girl: Jason how bout we rule 68 it

Guy: Ummm...you kno what...how bout I just 68 ya

Girl: Whats that?????

Guy: You do me and i owe you 1
by Cocky McCockerson & Ms Hooters September 30, 2009
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Derived from the term "69" (sex position).

Date 68 is a first date, ending with a guy performing oral on a girl.

She date 68-ed him.
by ne falcon March 1, 2009
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A new way of calling someone a retard. It refers to the average IQ in Somali of 68, which falls well below the cut off to be considered legally mentally retarded. Generally, a Somali 68 will not only exhibit many of the same signs of low IQ as someone you would refer to as a SJW, as well as be highly likely to vote liberal, follow Greta Thunbergs Twitter account and categorize themselves as "Non-binary". Somali 68's are normally weak beta males, and morbidly obese females with neon colored hair.
"Why are Rebecca and Muhammad on that balcony flinging their own feces at each other?"
"Oh, they're both Somali 68's."
"Ah ok, that makes sense."
by Dan Gopan April 23, 2020
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N. If a song exists, there is most likely a Naruto fan video for it.
Guy:Dude that new Drake single is awesome!
Girl: hey, I found a Naruto AMV of it!
Guy: but it just came out yesterday...
Girl: Rule 68.
by Young Ice Trey March 27, 2010
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when you're kick out of a club or place.
Man we can't go there, Benny got 68'd.

Inferno 68'd (kicked out of inferno/hell)
by mary is the shizznit April 21, 2004
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